Reaching the "Invisible People"

Three Minutes Until the Bell...

The Power of Positive Parent Contact

When Should You Avoid the Teachers' Lounge?

Simply Novel is partnering up with Spectrum Life Design Los Angeles to offer personal development training for Educators and School Support Personnel

Rethinking My Final Exams - What best serves me and my students?

Infographic: Tips for Teachers to Support Student Health

Stop Distracted Learning: Real Tools and Tips to Help Students

Prioritizing your Teacher To Do List

School Lunch Ideas for the Busy Teacher

7 Ideas for Teachers to Make the Most out of Summer Break

Easy Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas for Teachers

What Teachers Really Want From Their Department Chairs

10 Instagrams We Love For Teachers

Create a Classroom Culture of Laughter!

Wrapping Up the School Year and Keeping Students' Attention

Tips for Getting Ready for Next School Year, Now!

#Election2016 in the ELA classroom

22 Simple Spring Break Homework Ideas That Students Actually Enjoy!

Baby Steps Toward Grading for Mastery in Secondary ELA

Using Bullet Journals: Teacher Edition

Why Good Teachers Allow Students to Struggle

Plickers: Easy and Free Formative Assessment Tech Tool

Tips for Students Struggling to Start an Essay

Gratitude Journals for Teachers: Where to Begin

Crowdsourcing Information in the English Classroom

Mixing It Up With 4 Corner Discussions

The Gifts Teachers Really Want

5 Healthy Reminders that Technology Can't Replace Teaching

Using Informational Texts as Warm-Ups

5 (Difficult) Things I'm Thankful For As a Teacher This Year

NEVER say these 5 things to an English teacher!

When you don't have time to read the whole novel...

The Advice I Hope No Teacher Needs (But Probably Will At Some Point)

Easy Way to Find Fresh Research Paper Topics

Tips for Teachers: Dealing With Helicopter Parents

Fostering Positive Parent-Teacher Interactions

Daily Affirmations for Secondary Students

5 Times When You Realize How Awesome It Is To Be a Teacher

Games to Help Students Write More Precisely and Concisely

5 Tips for Remembering Students' Names

5 Tips for Leaving Work at Work - Tips for Teachers that REALLY Work!

Creative Summer Reading Assessment Ideas

A Few of My Favorite (Back to School) Things

Challenged and Banned Books - By the Numbers - Infographic

5 Things I Won't Be Doing On The First Day Of School

10 Pinterest Boards Secondary Teachers Should Be Following

Reasons to Pay Attention During Grammar Lessons (Bulletin Board Idea!)

5 Classics that are Great for the High School Classroom

Tips for Students: The Dos and Don'ts of College App Essays

Using Drama as a Culminating Activity

Summer Reading: Teacher Edition

5 of the Biggest Problems Facing English Teachers Today

The Best and Worst Teaching Advice I've Received

Activism vs. Slacktivism: A Lesson in Research and Informational Texts

8 Truthful (and Embarrassing) 4th Quarter Teacher Thoughts

Teach Students to Organize Research with Scrible

The Crucible: A Psychology Cross-Curricular Lesson

Preparing for Maternity, Paternity, or Family Leave as a Teacher

A Creative Spin on Argument Writing

Helping Students Manage Testing Stress

How and Why to Try Partner Quizzes in Your Classroom

7 Assignment Ideas for Movie Day in the English Classroom

The Evaluations Teachers Should Be Getting

Tracking Color Symbolism in The Great Gatsby

7 Tips for Acing a Formal Observation

Keeping a Healthy Classroom

Fall Back in Love with Teaching This Valentine's Day!

6 Tips for Teaching Presentation Skills

Creating Sheltered Research and Argument Projects

15 Creative and Fun Test Review Ideas

Students Gaming the Classroom

How to Structure a Simple Classroom Debate

This Year, I Resolve to... My Teaching Resolutions

The Teacher-Life Balancing Act

A Teacher's Holiday Anthem

The Plagiarism Problem: Infographic

What to Consider When Creating a Final Exam

A Teacher's Thanksgiving Reflection

Silent Ball: An Easy, Fun Review Game for Students

5 Ways to Use Magazines in the Classroom

Staying Positive in the Face of Difficult Parent Conferences

Teaching on Halloween: Tips to Avoid Distraction

How Can I Ever Catch Up With This Work Load? 7 Tips to Regain Your Sanity and Get Back on Top

Constructive Peer Editing: Free Handout Included!

Schoology: EdTech in Action

Classroom Collaboration (Without Disturbing Other Classes)

5 Things Teachers Should Probably NOT Let Get Under Their Skin

Anchor Papers: A Journey Toward Better Student Papers

Tips for Creating Emergency Lesson Plans

Keeping Your Teacher Cool When You’re Falling Apart

Using Goal Setting to Plan the Upcoming School Year

Preach it, Weird Al!  Why English Teachers Love "Word Crimes"

Where to Spend $5 to Get Tough Tasks Off Your Teacher To Do List

What Your Kid's English Teacher Really Wants: 10 Great Gift Ideas Straight From The Source

5 Tips for Spicing Up Summer School

Hot off the presses! Simply Novel Launches SmartFlip™ Common Core Reference Guides for Grades 3-12

Teaching Effective Digital Note-Taking

Positive Discipline in the High School Classroom

Summer Goal: Social Learning Networks for the Classroom

Low Tech, High Visual English Lessons

10 Things English Teachers Should Do this Summer

NoRedInk Video Tutorial: Teaching Grammar With Style!

End of the Year Teacher Survey - Find out what your students really think!

Quizlet Tutorial for Teachers

How to Get Students to Answer Questions About Literature

Grammarly Review and Video Tutorial

Translating Hashtags Into Academic Language for the Classroom: Infographic

Dear Students, Let's get a few things straight...

A Teacher's Thoughts on Summer Reading

Get the Most Out of your Next Professional Development Conference

Writing Letters of Recommendation for Students

Tips for Teaching The Research Paper

Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Best Google Doc and Presentation Templates

5 Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

How Should We Pick Required Reading?

9 Tips to Inspire Students to Actually Read

Harness the Power of Text and Receive Immediate Info with

When teaching feels impossible...

Teacher Resolution: Stop the School Drama

Tips to Stop Student Cheating

10 Tips for Efficient Essay Grading

Get to Class! A Look at the Issues of High School Attendance

10 Surprising Difficulties in Teaching (For Me)

Avoiding English Teacher Burnout

2 Apps My Students Taught Me To Love

Create Classroom Engagement and Collaboration with Google Presentations!

Re-Thinking Assessment in a Technology Rich Common Core Classroom

Using Pop Music to Teach Classic Poetry

8 tips for incorporating iPads into the classroom

Explain Everything: Using iPads in the English Classroom {Video Blog}

Video Tutorial - How to Use Flubaroo to Grade Google Form Assessments

Using Google Forms in the Classroom

The State of Teaching: Infographic

Ideas for Decorating the Secondary English Classroom

Approaching the "N" Word in Literature

Video Tutorial: Collaborize Classroom Online Discussion Forum

Tips for Teaching the Common Core Narrative Writing Standards

Teaching Students to Determine Credibility of Online Sources (Free Student Handout!)

Back to School Night Tips + A Free Prezi Template!

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: The Teacher Dilemma

With K.I.S.S. in mind, planning's no grind...

How to Use Google Drive in the Classroom

7 Tips for New Teachers

Teaching the Arch Method to Help Students Analyze Informational Texts

How to Use Evernote with Students

How to Make Infographics in the Classroom

Socrative: A Powerful Web Tool for the Classroom

3 Simple Tips for Teaching the SAT Essay

How to Create a Prezi Lesson in Less Than 15 Minutes!

Prezi Tutorial for Teachers

Flipping the Classroom: An Experienced Teacher's Look at the Latest Trend

A Look at Common Core Aligned Performance Assessment

Tips for Using Literature Circles in the High School Classroom

How to Use Socratic Seminar in Middle or High School Classrooms

Multiple Choice in the ELA Classroom: 5 Best Practices and 3 Past Practices

For Students: Getting a Letter of Recommendation from Your Teacher

A Plea to Teachers - Get Educated About Copyright

Making Sense of the Common Core Informational Texts Standards

Lessons from the Church Ladies

Tips for Creating a Peer-Editing Program That Works

5 Reasons Students Should Be Doing More Peer Editing

Organizing and Writing Informative/Explanatory Essays

40 Things You Must Have in Your School Survival Kit!

25 Bellringer, "Do Now," or Early Finisher Ideas to Start Your Year Off Right!

How to Organize and Write Descriptive Essays

Implementing an Effective "Word of the Day" Program

7 Essential Procedures to Teach the First Week of School

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

How to Write and Organize a Cause and Effect Essay

Determining Central Idea; Providing an Objective Summary in Informational Texts

20 Fun Poetry Projects Your Students Will LOVE!

Using Textual Evidence to Support Inferences Within a Non-Fiction Text

Informational Texts: Digging Deeper into the Historical Context of a Text

Discovering Author's Purpose and Writing with Purpose

How to Identify and Convey Tone in Writing

LiveBinder Resources For Educators

Helping Students Find Similar Authors and Books for Their Favorite Reads

Tips for Writing Great Quizzes and Tests

Teaching the Concepts of Observation and Inference in Writing

Tips for Helping Students Analyze Rhetoric and a List of Rhetorical Devices

Teaching Verbal, Situational, and Dramatic Irony

7 Reasons Teachers Should Be Doing More Social Networking

In Defense of the Whole-Class Novel

Characterization Thumbprint Lesson

10 Activities to Celebrate Banned Books Week!

Helping to make boys "readers"

Tips for a Smooth and Worry-Free First Day of School

What Does Plagiarism Look Like? 10 Free Resources

Using That Versus Which

A Guide for Understanding the Basics of the Common Core ELA Standards: Key Points

30 Poetry Project Ideas for Any Time of the Year!

Nine tips for taking notes in a book (without ticking off your librarian!)

Helping Students Get Past "Writer's Block"

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