How to Make Infographics in the Classroom

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Jul 11, 2013 6:37:31 AM

When I wrote about my favorite performance assessment ideas, I mentioned that I loved teaching students how to create infographics to synthesize information using visual rhetoric (check out my student sample).  I even created my own infographic for our discussion of flipping the classroom.  From those two posts, I received several questions and other feedback about how to teach and create infographics successfully in the classroom.  Have no fear!  I am here today to give you a brief tutorial of piktochart, which is my favorite infographic site. After the video tutorial, be sure to check out how I use infographics in my own classroom and then leave a comment or question so we can share the love!

Using Picktochart to Make Infographics in Your Classroom

What it looks like in my classroom:

One way that I use infographics in my classroom is to assign research about the setting of a novel and ask students to present their findings in the form of an infographic.  For example, if I am teaching The Great Gatsby, I assign students to research topics relating to the roaring twenties like the jazz age, flappers, art deco, suffrage, lost generation, prohibition, speakeasies, and other related topics.  Depending on the number of students and topics, I may assign  this as a partner, group, or individual assignment.  Students will then present their infographics briefly as a way to understand the context of the novel more fully.  Creating and presenting inforgraphics can cover multiple common core standards in the areas of technology, presentation, research, and synthesis.

Are you using infographics in your classroom?  Do you want to?  Leave a comment or question and join the conversation!

SmartFlip Common Core Reference Guides


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