8 tips for incorporating iPads into the classroom

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Oct 22, 2013 7:31:11 AM

It feels like everywhere I turn, I hear about another school moving to a 1-to-1 iPad system.  My own school is the process of setting the groundwork in infrastructure and education so that we can implement iPads next school year.  Unfortunately, it is not all coming up digital roses.  There are of course the hiccups, like this little fiasco in LAUSD, but more pervasively, there are a lot of teachers who don't really know where to start to incorporate iPads in the classroom.  Below are my 8 tips for incorporating iPads into the classroom.   I'd love to hear your 2 cents too!

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1. Use apps as a toolbox that will translate to other areas of students' lives.  Instead of focusing on content specific apps, look at general apps that will help students solve problems and then teach them to see the app through the lens of your content area.

2. Flip the classroom!  You can flip certain lessons or all lessons, depending on your style and situation.

 3. As you use more digital media and flipped lessons, incorporate more meaningful discussion into your classroom time.  This will help students to learn to interact with the material while unplugged.

4. Be sure to see student iPads as more than glorified textbooks.  Although they can take the place of the textbook, be sure to harness the other powers.

5. Crowd source information during class.  It is no longer about the teacher as a source of all information.  Now students have unparalleled access to information and we must shift the paradigm to focus on application and higher order thinking.

6. Continue meaningful formative assessment.

7. Find new ways to support students.

8. Have a back-up plan.

  • iPads and other technologies are flooding our classrooms.  It is an exciting time to be in education, but as we all know, somedays there will be a power outage, breakage issue, internet connectivity problem, and a million other obstacles.  Don't forget all of the awesome best practices you used before the iPad!  Keep checking this blog for more ideas, tips, and shortcuts!

 SmartFlip Common Core Reference Guides

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