Visme: Creating Beautiful Lectures and Handouts

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Nov 10, 2015 10:05:22 PM

Recently, the folks over at reached out to us to check out their platform for creating presentations, infographics, and banners. So I went over and played around with the site to see how it could be useful to our teacher community here at Simply Novel, and here is what I found:

The Pros: 

  • This site allows teachers to make really beautiful lectures, handouts, infographics, banners, and other usual aids for your classroom.
  • If you sell on, the aesthetics may especially appeal to you because this site has the potential to give your work a little something extra in the visual department.
  • The artwork and infographic widgets seem fresh and relevant to teens, which I find can help improve their attitude toward lectures.
  • As a person of moderate technical ability, I could use the platform quickly, without much learning curve (see my quick video below).
  • Lectures and graphics can easily be downloaded, shared online, or made private.

The Cons: 

  • The educational license is $5/month, which is certainly not out of the realm of what I spend on my classroom each year and it seems worth for me it because I value beautiful presentation. HOWEVER, I am disappointed that I could not even close to afford to put this technology in the hands of my students who would love to make cool presentations and infographics.  The cost for educational groups is $5 per user per month, so with 150 students (a very conservative estimate for high schools in my area) it is $750/month.  #NEVERGOINGTOHAPPEN
  • There are a few little bugs that make it less than perfectly user friendly (I tried multiple browsers and computers to make sure they weren't just me).  None of them bothered me too badly, but I could see a tech novice getting very frustrated.

The Take Away: 

For $5 per month, I would definitely give a shot to create visually pleasing lectures and handouts for my classroom.

Here are some videos to give you an idea of how works:

Here's me playing around with the site (first day trying out the basics):

Here's the official promo:

Click here for the link to their youtube channel where you can find out more


What do you think?  Would you use Visme in your classroom?  Do you have any other cool tech tools to share with our teacher community?   Let us know in the comment section below!

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