5 Healthy Reminders that Technology Can't Replace Teaching

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Dec 10, 2015 10:14:22 AM

Let's get one thing out of the way; I love using technology in my classroom. I use multiple devices, websites, and apps everyday.  However, as edtech becomes more prevalent, I hear a lot of fallacious reasoning around the topic that I think can be damaging to both teachers and students. Here are some of the things I hear:

  • Mrs. X uses technology in her classroom, so she is a great teacher.
  • Because school X is not using a 1 to 1 student device program, the students will not be well prepared for college or careers.
  • Giving  massive technology grants to low performing schools will solve the issues of educational inequity.
  • Computer skills are replacing basic reading and writing skills in the new digital world.

The human factor!  We cannot forget what we bring to teaching that tech can't replace!

Not only are most of those statements misleading in terms of causation vs. correlation, they are also unsupported in the research.  It is my contention that edtech is the future for our students, but if we don't get a firm conceptual grasp on the limitations of technology in teaching and learning, the edtech revolution will be slow and painful for all those involved.  Once we know more about what technology can and cannot do for our students, we can move forward to truly prepare the next generation.  I do not assume to present all of the sources or solutions, but I do want to provide some light reading material to begin the conversation in our minds, faculties, and larger educational communities.  Here are a few links to articles about the limits of technology in the classroom:

Technology Cant Replace Teaching copy 4.jpg

Technology Cant Replace Teaching copy 3.jpg

Technology Cant Replace Teaching copy 2.jpg

Technology Cant Replace Teaching copy.jpg

Technology Cant Replace Teaching.jpg

What has been your experience with edtech?  We'd love to continue the discussion in the comment section below!


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