The Gifts Teachers Really Want

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Dec 15, 2015 10:59:19 AM

Dear Parents,

Teachers do not work for gifts, but if you want to treat them this holiday season, here are a variety of ideas teachers will love from all budgets:

  • The ones that can't be purchased: There are priceless gifts that will cost you nothing!
    • Support: We know that parents are our biggest support system, keep on reinforcing high standards, checking homework, teaching respect.  That gift keeps on giving.
    • A note to the teacher: Write a nice note to teachers letting them know how much you appreciate their efforts.  Bonus points for specific examples!
    • A note to the admin: If you love your student's teachers, write a note to the principal or admin to let them know what a good job teachers are doing.  Be authentic.  This gift will likely pay short and long-term dividends!
    • Award nods: The next level of teacher love comes in nominating them for teacher awards from your local newspaper, district office, or other agency.  Google this for your local area for more information specific to you.

  • The time trusted standards: You cannot go wrong with these!
    • Office Supplies/Classroom supplies: Sharpies, post-its, pens, pencils, erasers, and other supplies will delight teachers and also benefit your student!  win-win!
    • Dinner/Movies/Gas/Grocery cards: Teachers are people too.  We like these luxuries and we always appreciate a little help with them, even if the gift cards are small amounts.
    • Coffee/Tea cards: There are a couple of outliers, but most teachers I know run primarily on caffeine!


  • Something special: Here are some ideas if you want to get really generous and creative.
    • Etsy Shops: If you are not sure what they would like exactly, but you want them to have a beautiful handmade gift (that is their own style), consider a gift certificate from a cool etsy shop. Just search teacher gifts on etsy and find a million awesome ideas!  I personally love the planners from ruskerville on etsy. 
    • Observant gifts: These gifts are a little tricky, but also really cool if they work out.  for example, if your student heard the teacher mention a half marathon coming up, consider a runner's gift like a pair of nice running socks or other gear.  Did you run into your teacher at the hair salon or pedicure place a few months ago?  Gift certificates for pampering at their favorite places are always welcome!
    • Tieks: These shoes are crazy luxurious, but AMAZING. Hands down, the best teacher flats ever.  (Trust me, I have tried every flat on the market!) Note: This gift is expensive, only for female teachers, and needs a little recon for shoe size, but honestly the bees knees to this teacher.


  • Gifts we are not so into:
    • Alcohol: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the gift of wine I see floating around social media with the label, "my kid is probably the reason you drink."  However, unless you know the teacher well, alcohol is a lifestyle choice that may not be appropriate for all teachers.  Also, some administrators disapprove of teachers receiving alcohol.
    • Knick-knacks and decor: These are well-intentioned and sweet gifts to receive, but over a career, we receive a lot of them and we run out of places to put them. 

Any ideas to add to the list?  Leave us a comment in the section below!

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