22 Simple Spring Break Homework Ideas That Students Actually Enjoy!

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Mar 15, 2016 9:53:26 AM

I'm not convinced that we should even give spring break homework because by this time in the year, we all need a little breathing room.  However, some teachers are required to give break work, and others see that their students need a little something to keep their heads in the game and finish out fourth quarter instead of starting summer vacation in the spring. If you are in that boat, let us share a couple of fun ideas with you! If you have questions or additions to this list, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Students can do one of the following activities and when they return, take a 3 question short answer quiz to describe their findings, write a short essay, participate in a class discussion, or give a mini-presentation:

  1. Read a fun article or short story that you don't have time or space for in the regular curriculum.
  2. Read for pleasure.
  3. Have an adult conversation (this will take some explanation before hand, but I personally think it is a great skill for teens to practice!).
  4. Watch the news.
  5. Read a magazine.
  6. Research colleges or careers.
  7. Watch a movie.
  8. Listen to a podcast.
  9. Watch a TED talk.
  10. Attend a community event.
  11. Check out local theater or improv.
  12. Interview a relative.
  13. Re-read favorite childhood book.
  14. Watch a documentary.
  15. Research local community activism.

Awesome Homework Ideas for Spring Break that Students Love


These activities can lead directly into the final part of fourth quarter: 

16. Think of a captivating research topic.

17. Find out interesting facts about an upcoming unit.

18. Get a library card.

Use spring break to help students get back on track: 

19. Online games or interventions. For example:

20. Play catch up on missed standards or assignments.

Inject some creative writing: 

21. Write a short story.

22. Write a poem.

Do you assign spring break work? Let us know below!

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