Simply Novel is partnering up with Spectrum Life Design Los Angeles to offer personal development training for Educators and School Support Personnel

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Mar 20, 2018 4:14:39 PM

The landscape of teaching is changing.

The power is in you.  You are the answer to all your searches.pngAs teachers, we know how important our role is in the development and nurturing of our students.  We take care of them like they are our own, cheering them on through their victories, wiping their tears and comforting them when they are hurt and sad, and listening to them when they need to be heard.  We do so much for them, and always have, yet the support for what we do for them in our classrooms often goes unnoticed, or worse, is criticized.

Teachers are feeling unappreciated, stressed out, and ignored.  We struggle to make ends meet on abysmal salaries, and often, our own family life suffers—not to mention what it does for our feelings of self-worth.  We often feel powerless and frustrated, and so many of us simply give up.  Yet we have the lives of the future in our hands.  How is that even possible?  How can that be allowed to happen?

On an airplane when traveling with children, we are told to put our oxygen mask on first, then put the oxygen mask on our children.  But how often do you feel that you’re losing your oxygen for the sake of others?

As a former teacher myself, I lost my oxygen many times as I fought and fought hard for my students, facing the bureaucracy from an administration that had absolutely no clue about the impact it had on my students.  It discouraged me.  It hurt me.  And, it burned me out.  I didn’t know how to put on my own oxygen mask first, and how to take on my life in a powerful way, and eventually my teaching suffered.  I left teaching with the powerful burning passion that I would take a stand for teachers and all they do, and support them in any way that I could because that teacher—frustrated, burned out, hurt, unsupported—was me.

Teachers need support.  You need to feel empowered.  You need to know how to communicate with parents, students, and administrators in a powerful way so you can be heard.  You need to rekindle the passion you feel being stripped away from you.  You need to feel worthy and honored and RESPECTED.  You need more than what’s being offered by your school and district as “professional development.” You deserve to feel human again, connected to yourself and your life purpose.

This is why I have partnered with Spectrum Life Design Education, here in Los Angeles, to extend a special offer to YOU, as a Simply Novel customer and teacher.  I am inviting you to join us for THE FREEDOM COURSE, May 31 - June 3, 2018 in Los Angeles for an AMAZING PRICE!! (Keep reading!)

The Freedom Course is Part 1 of the Connections Course, a 3-part series designed to give you the tools and support to create the life you desire.  In Part 1 - The Freedom Course - you are given the opportunity and tools to “wake up to what you make up” about yourself and the world around you.  When you realize this, you have the opportunity let go of the past and what may be holding you back in your life, and the power to make new choices to create a new blueprint of your life, and more importantly, how you choose to live it! In the two evenings and two full days of this personal development program, you will have the opportunity to discover powerful tools that support you to:

  • Give up the victim/blame mentality to become empowered
  • Let go of old programming and stories that have kept you stuck
  • Get over your doubts and create a new relationship with the concept of fear
  • Overcome patterns of self-sabotage and destructive behaviors and thinking
  • Free yourself of unfulfilling or toxic relationships to create healthy connections and deeper intimacy
  • Learn how to stop resisting and to start embracing abundance, love, money, and success
  • Develop your voice to take a stand for your life and to empower others as a leader and influencer
  • Join a group of people committed to creating a world that is connected, abundant, loving, and empowered

For more on the Freedom Course, visit Spectrum Life Design's website here.

Having done all Spectrum classes, I can truly speak to how beneficial this learning has been in my life and career. I have not only been able to find my passion for education again, but I have also learned how important our work truly is as educators. I am less affected by the politics of education and more focused on bringing my best to everyone I work with. I have also gained such insight on being gentle with myself, showing compassion for others, while holding a high standard. I will be forever grateful that I gifted myself this new awareness.

- Ana M., Middle School Vice-Principal


Part 2: Life Design is four FULL days of training, to support you in getting to the deepest core of who you truly are, and what you truly want for your life.  You will build on the tools from Part 1 with a four-day intensive workshop that busts through your beliefs about yourself that are not working and are holding you back from getting the results you want in live, and uncovering the pure core of who you are and what you want, so that you start to live a life of power, purpose, abundance, passion, and love.  The Life Design Course, if you’re interested in both weekends of the Connections Course, is June 21-24, also in the Los Angeles Area.

I was formerly very apprehensive and would "hem and haw" when confronted with an adverse situation, and worry about problems ad nauseam. Through the Spectrum courses, I learned that people expect others to give feedback, and that they actually appreciate what I have to say! I learned how to talk to my grown daughters and create a new relationship with them that I never thought possible.  I have found that using my voice and power is satisfying and gives me a sense of belonging. I no longer hide in the shadows, afraid of what others might think of me. Now, I know that they respect me for having what it takes to stand up and say what I need to say!

- Kathleen R., Retired Elementary Teacher

Sounds awesome, right? 

So, because Simply Novel and Spectrum Life Design Education Los Angeles have partnered up on this project to be offered to teachers in this special event, I am excited to let you know that the Freedom Course - regularly offered at the tuition cost of $650 - is now just $250 (that’s a $400 savings!!) for those of you who wish to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

For those of you interested in Part 2: Life Design as well, the regular tuition cost for that course is $1200…HOWEVER, we have worked out an AMAZING DEAL to be able to offer you BOTH Freedom and Life Design today and you can get BOTH COURSES for just $900!!  (That’s OVER $900 in savings for both courses!)

And finally, to sweeten this amazing deal, Simply Novel will also give you 3 LITERATURE or WRITING Guides of YOUR CHOICE - FREE - as a part of this AMAZING OFFER! (Up to a $120 value!)

I would love to see what you can create for yourself and your life by taking on your life in this way.  You will have the opportunity to take what you’ve learned back to your administration, parents, students, family, and community, and truly make a difference.  It only takes one person to create change in the world.  It only takes one person to start a revolution that could empower teachers and students - and to change the landscape of teaching, and our future. Put your oxygen mask on first - and start creating something awesome for yourself TODAY.

Isn’t it time you created the life YOU want for yourself? It’s possible—NOW.  And we’ll show you how.

Book a DISCOVERY CALL NOW to talk about your needs and explore if this opportunity is right for you!  Hurry - there are a limited number of seats available for this event at this amazing price!

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