5 Healthy Reminders that Technology Can't Replace Teaching

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Dec 10, 2015 10:14:22 AM

Let's get one thing out of the way; I love using technology in my classroom. I use multiple devices, websites, and apps everyday.  However, as edtech becomes more prevalent, I hear a lot of fallacious reasoning around the topic that I think can be damaging to both teachers and students. Here are some of the things I hear:

  • Mrs. X uses technology in her classroom, so she is a great teacher.
  • Because school X is not using a 1 to 1 student device program, the students will not be well prepared for college or careers.
  • Giving  massive technology grants to low performing schools will solve the issues of educational inequity.
  • Computer skills are replacing basic reading and writing skills in the new digital world.
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Schoology: EdTech in Action

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Oct 7, 2014 7:59:53 AM

Before school started this year, I wrote this blog post about one of my goals for this school year, which is to incorporate more educational social networks into my classroom.  I decided to give the free version of schoology a whirl this year and so far I have been LOVING it! Here are some of the things I've been loving so far:

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Topics: Classroom Tech, edtech, tech, technology

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