When Should You Avoid the Teachers' Lounge?

Posted by Erika Schneider on Apr 5, 2018 7:20:37 PM

            New teachers are often given the advice, “Avoid the teachers’ lounge.” The rationale behind this advice is that it can be a place filled with complaints and negativity. I followed this advice for many years, eating lunch alone in my classroom. I really didn’t mind this situation because I had other times in the day to connect with adults. However, things changed when I had my baby. There were no longer any spare moments at school to chat with colleagues and my evenings were filled with taking care of the baby and then collapsing out of exhaustion. In an effort to get some conversation with adults during the day, I started to eat lunch in the teachers’ lounge with my colleagues.

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7 Reasons Teachers Should Be Doing More Social Networking

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Dec 28, 2011 2:55:18 PM

When I began blogging back in 2011, I entered the world bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, expecting to be behind in the game for awhile, and anticipating finding some great middle and high school bloggers out there who would be willing to collaborate and share ideas.  I fully expected to gain hundreds of eager middle and high school English teacher followers in a few months, clamoring to read my articles and share ideas.  How wrong I was.

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