Flipping the Classroom: An Experienced Teacher's Look at the Latest Trend

Posted by Emily Guthrie on Jun 21, 2013 5:35:05 AM

 Today I wanted to talk about flipping the classroom, which seems to be the educational buzzword everywhere I turn. My own school is even starting this conversation informally (for now!).  The concept is simple, but the application I believe will be a little more complicated. Basically, the idea is to flip the traditional school schedule of lecture then homework practice.  The flipped schedule would see students front loading information at home through video lectures, reading, and other research followed by application, analysis, and practice in the classroom with the teacher.  For me, the jury is still out.  There are many ways that I see the flipped classroom as a marked improvement on the traditional breakdown, but there are also many obstacles that must be overcome to make this actually work in my real classroom.  I made the following infographic as a way to layout my thoughts on flipping the classroom.  Please note, this is from my perspective as a seasoned teacher with technical savvy and a toddler needing most of my non-school time.   We may see different pros and cons and may come up with different end solutions, but I'd love to hear your thoughts to keep this conversation going! Leave me a comment and share with your other teacher friends so we can learn from each other!

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Tips for Helping Students Analyze Rhetoric and a List of Rhetorical Devices

Posted by Kristen Bowers on Jan 11, 2012 9:32:03 PM

Rhetoric in its simplest form is the art of persuasive writing or speech.  For thousands of years, politicians and orators have been known for their use of rhetoric to influence and persuade an audience to their side or way of thinking.  Rhetoric is all around us, in the form of political speeches, commercials, art, television, movies, newspaper and magazine articles—even in our everyday conversations.  Each time we want to get our way, or take out our money to buy a product we have seen in a commercial, we are either using rhetoric or are persuaded by the use of rhetoric.  While various media use different ways of appealing to an audience, they each have the same purpose: to persuade.

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